Asher’s Room Tour

April 7, 2014


The beauty of having two children of one gender is the ability to pass down clothes and toys from one child to the next. Am I right? From my eldest daughter Holly’s perspective, having a younger sister means a constant audience and someone to dress up with, dance with and play fairies with. For me, it’s getting to create another completely pastel and girly space.

We moved house just over a year ago and I immediately set about designing Holly’s room (which I’m sure you’ve now seen about a million times, but if not, here it is again).

And the little lady Asher herself, back when we shot Holly’s room.


Asher today at 20 months.


Asher’s nursery was fairly bare but functional and practical.  I knew that before too long I would be creating her big girls room so didn’t worry too much about setting up her nursery. Late last year, after the craziness of Holly’s room subsided, I made a start on planning Asher’s room.

RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_41 One of the most popular features of Holly’s room was the spotty wall decals and painted wall. You might find it funny to know that I actually really disliked the wall colour when we fist moved in and wanted it changed immediately! Yet, it’s still one of the most asked about features of the room! We have plans to renovate our 25 year old home in future so my husband insisted they stay as is.  The Urbanwalls cloud decals in the 3 inch size work perfectly to offset the taupe/grey colour and suddenly, I’m loving the wall colour.


When selecting a bed, I once again approached the lovely Kristy from Incy Interiors, intending to purchase the Mia bed that I’d bought for Holly. She told me she was planning something special and gave me a sneak peek of the new Spindle range. I was instantly smitten and when Kristy told me I could have it spray painted in the colour of my choice, I really could have passed out from excitement. For months client’s had been asking me for mint beds and of course I had to have it painted in mint. Dulux Chloride to be exact.  You can see more of the amazing Penny bed and the spindle range here.




Asher’s room is small with a large window and double sliding mirror doors (with gorgeous gold trim and a dusty old ceiling fan) so when planning the room, space was always going to be a premium. Most of Asher’s clothes and toys are tucked away in her wardrobe but both of my girls seem to have an enormous number of stuffed toys. I must admit, I don’t love having them on display so when I saw some clever mum’s on instagram creating bench seats from Ikea Stuva storage units, I knew this is what I wanted to do.



The result works in two ways – hiding all those stuffed toys (this thing fits a lot) and providing another area for the girls to sit and play. I created the giant cloud cushion out of some cheap white drill fabric  that I hand stamped with half a potato and some regular acrylic paint. Then, I drew a cloud shape by hand, sewed around the edges and stuffed full of hobby fill. The gorgeous face cushion is from my lovely friends at designstuff.  Next to the bench is an amazing Varpunen sack from Talo Interiors which holds some extra pillows and Asher’s Dudley co ride on, a precious gift from Auntie Sim!



There are certain suppliers that I use A LOT in my designs and the most frequent would have to be The Family Love tree. I started Petite Vintage Interiors from my love of refinishing beautiful vintage cane furniture in bright colours. When my design business really took off and I wasn’t able to paint or thrift anymore, The FLT’s range was my answer to all the bright and beautiful one off pieces that I used to find for my clients. It might sound weird to say that I fell for a piece of furniture but when I saw the mint flower shaped love chair, it really was love at first sight (or sit).  I knew I had to incorporate it into the space and from a practicality perspective, it’s big enough to fit both girls and myself!



The beautiful cushions on the chair are from Leo & Bella and Little Village Handmade.

RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_22An amazing dream catcher from Maisydee hangs above the chair and Asher’s little trinkets fill the house shaped shadow boxes from Room and Bloom.  I absolutely adore Asher’s La de dah Kids unicorn that we purchased from Finn and Dash Toys.  The felt ball garland was made especially for us by the lovely Felt Foxes and the colours are just perfect for this space.


The geometric drawer decals idea came about when I was hand painting another chest of drawers and it was taking FOREVER! It was also expensive buying all the little pots of different coloured paints! There had to be an easier way. I was so excited when Urbanwalls agreed to my crazy idea and I love how the drawers  turned out. I used a tester pot of paint and a roller to paint either side of my Ikea rast chest of drawers and handles. I can’t wait to release the decal packs at the end of the month, for you to create these drawers at home yourself. There’s a boy colourway in the works too.


RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_52 On top of drawers sits an old Tiffany and Co box that we have filled with all of Asher’s special memory items and a Lucky Boy Sunday Beauty Baby that we purchased from Leo and Bella. Poor beauty baby really needs to be held to be appreciated. Some people find her a bit scary, we think she’s completely charming!


The print above the drawers is the Harvest Lemon print by Darling Clementine. Something else I just fell in love with and had to have.
Instead of a traditional bedside table, I wanted to create something a bit different for Asher, who at 20 months loves nothing more than pushing Holly’s bunny lamp off her table.  The largest house shelf in the set of three was an ideal size and holds her ice cream night light from Leo and Bella perfectly.  At night we lay in bed and choose a story from Asher’s down to the woods wire basket.

RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_12 I couldn’t go past the Armadillo & Co Daisy rug for this space. It’s hard wearing but soft and just the right size for a little person to sit on.





Above Asher’s bed is simply the most incredible cloud light fromFromage La Rue.  There are so many things I adore about this light but the fact that it dims, makes it completely amazing. It’s as bright as we need it to be for reading but dims right down for settling. Asher’s collection of Sonny Angels and Omm design nesting dolls from Amelie and Violet are proudly on display. Frankly, if they’re not on this shelf , they are headless around the house.  I can’t forget the Lovestar watermelon vase.




On the walls above Asher’s bed are two very special artworks. The double love heart print by Laura Blythman and a beautiful heart print from my new friend at The Chic Element.  A twig creative wooden camera from design stuff hangs on the end of Asher’s bed.



The bed is proudly made up with the end result of my collaboration with the ever amazing and ridiculous talent that is Laura Blythman. Our Australian made, hotel quality 100% cotton bedlinen  completely reversible, totally adorable and yet to be named.  We’ll be releasing the linen for pre-order within the next few weeks.  Its styled with the gold sprinkle pillowcase from Feliz and the Colette Bream ice cream cushion is from Amelie and Violet.




Holly and Asher are wearing outfits from gorgeous oobi baby and kids and Pyjama’s from G.Nancy. I can’t recommend them highly enough – the girls didn’t want to take either outfit off!




RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_64 Lastly, if you’re in Brisbane and surrounds and need an a photographer, Vellum Studios never fail to disappoint. I feel so privileged to work with them. Steve is a true master.


For design, styling and media enquiries, please email Thank you for coming on a tour of Asher’s room and I hope you’re inspired to create a beautiful space for your little person.










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  • Reply kylie April 7, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Absolutely adorable. Love all of your work. Your babes are lucky to have such a talented and creative Mum xx

  • Reply Jade April 7, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Bel, you’ve done a wonderful job – it looks really lovely. Big thanks for being so generous with your sources too – much appreciated!

  • Reply Kate April 7, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    I love everything about this room and just want to re-create it exactly as it is for my girls’ room. LOVE IT. you are so clever!!

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