Top 10 LED Lighting Ideas

March 10, 2016

It’s not one of the frequently discussed interior design topics BUT lighting plays such an important part in the overall design process. Creating the right ambience in is so critical to the success of an overall design, yet it’s not often front of mind when planning a room.

Beacon Lighting asked me to look through their LED lighting range recently and I jumped at the chance, particularly for children’s rooms where lighting is required to be safe and multi-functional. Being married to an electrician has opened my eyes to so many creative ways to use lighting in a room, from in built night lights to LED strip lighting for that subtle amount of light for night time feeds and changes. The right lighting can add so much to a room both practically and stylishly.


When we updated Holly’s room recently, we installed new LED down lights. We removed the old spotlight style lights that were really intrusive and chose dimmable LED down lights like these, in a warm white:

ES12_Ledlux downlights

So from my recent experiences with LED lighting, I’d love to share my Top 10 LED lighting ideas!

  1. Install dimmable downlights into your children’s bedrooms – they last much longer than regular globes and because they don’t heat up, are safe for little hands. I also love that they aren’t intrusive to the overall room aesthetic.
  2. Small LED wall lights look amazing just above your skirting for a path way to the bathroom. During the night, little ones can easily find their way. Because LED is more energy efficient, it won’t affect your power bill!
  3. LED strip lighting is great under cabinetry in a nursery. It creates a smaller amount of light for night time feeds and changes. Check them out here
  4. Install a stylish LED pendant over a study area, as pictured below for an instant feature.saba-copy_2
  5. Ceiling fans with LED lights are great for small bedrooms
  6. Choose LED night lights, they last longer and are safe for little hands.
  7. LED pendants and LED bedside lamps are a great choice for children as they don’t get hot and can be left on all night.
  8. LED strip lights under your stairs look incredible at night, while adding extra visibility
  9. Install LED strip lights behind a head board for night time reading or as a night light.
  10. LED lights are fantastic for use inside cupboards. Be sure to use with a sensor so they turn on when the doors are opened and closed!

Beacon Lighting

There’s so many ways to get creative with lighting all around your home. When planning a room, it’s worthwhile considering the clever LED options available. Beacon Lighting have one of the most comprehensive and stylish ranges available and are definitely a must visit for your next decorating project.

Penelope and Ivy’s Bedrooms

October 15, 2015

We installed three beautiful rooms for these two sisters earlier this year. A playroom, featured earlier in the blog and these two gorgeous bedrooms. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Images by Vellum Studios.
Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -2 Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -3 Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -1 Pet_Vint-ClayfieldRoomTwo-05 (1) Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -5 Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -8 Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -6 Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -7 Penelope and Ivy Petite Vintage Interiors -9

Sophie’s Twin Nursery

August 23, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of working with the stunning Sophie Guidolin to create her dream nursery for her twin girls. I don’t like to play favourites, but this room would have to be one of the highlights of my design career so far. Perfectly shot by Vellum Studios.

Petite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin Nursery-6Petite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin Nursery-2Petite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin Nursery-5Petite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin Nursery-1Petite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin NurseryPetite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin Nursery-3Petite Vintage Interiors - Sophie Guidolin Nursery-4

Olivia’s Room Tour

April 30, 2015

I loved every moment of working with my client to create this space for her two year old daughter. This room was installed and then closed off as a special birthday surprise for Olivia and I could only have imagined the look on her face when she first saw her brand new bedroom! I was absolutely thrilled with how the room turned out, the bay window, high ceiling and VJ walls were the perfect blank canvas for me and well, you know how much I adore pastels. I also couldn’t be happier with the super cute lemon yellow door, framed beautifully by my favourite grey feature wall. Images by Vellum Studios.

Olivias room-6

Olivias room-1

Olivias room-2

Olivias room-9

Olivias room-3

Olivias room-4

Olivias room-5

Olivias room-7

Olivias room-8


Penelope & Ivy’s Playroom tour

April 14, 2015

I was very excited when I received the call from Penelope and Ivy’s mum, who asked me to visit their beautiful Brisbane home to discuss some options for their playroom and two bedrooms. When I discovered that my client was giving me a blank slate, I was thrilled. We talked over some amazing pieces that she loved which included a mural that she had seen in Inside Out magazine (a shoot styled by Jessica Hanson) by Leah Bartholomew from Beneath the sun. I left our meeting with some big ideas and Leah’s number on speed dial and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the end result. I hope you enjoy taking a closer look at this colourful project. Images by Vellum studio.

Original Name-3

Original Name-9

Original Name-8

Original Name-7

Original Name-6

Original Name-5

Original Name-4

Original Name-2

Original Name-1

Original Name-14

Original Name-13

Original Name-12

Original Name-11

Original Name-10


Don’t forget that we can come and have all this fun at your place! Simply email to discuss your project.

E-design with us

February 11, 2015

E-design, or virtual design is a great way for us to work with clients from interstate and all over the world. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s like working with an interior designer in your home, only that the entire design process from consultation through to finished design is carried out online. E-design suits clients who are working to a budget, who are comfortable to follow a styling plan to put the room together themselves or clients who would like to shop from a list at their own pace.

Over the past two years we’ve put a lot of time into making sure our e-design packages are some of the most comprehensive on the market. Our clients have been RAVING about their design packs with our new 3D floor plans and click through shopping lists, we decided to make them public for any prospective clients wondering how it all works, or just those who are interested in getting to know our process a little better.

Here’s a recent pack for Luca!


The first part of the design is the mood board layout process. We go back and forth with you making changes to the design board, until all the items chosen are working together and the concept reflects your vision. We don’t have any limit to the changes we make at this stage and pride ourselves on ensuring each client is madly in love with what we collect for them. Mediocre just isn’t good enough. All expectations must be exceeded! We guarantee it.


After the design board is complete and you’re so excited with the room you don’t think anything could possibly top it, we take the wow factor up a notch with our 3D floor plans and this is where we believe our services can support you most. Not only will you love everything in your room but we ensure that every item FITS perfectly. This is where our rooms are guaranteed to be functional and practical for your child, not just nice to look at.


Our suggested floor plan’s indicate item placement and have been measured to ensure every item fits!


3D mock ups of your room mean you can purchase items from your design with confidence, knowing that every item works within your space. No more wasting money on pieces that don’t fit or work. Did we mention we also know where the great deals are?


When you’re ready to start putting your room together, you can simply follow the comprehensive design notes we provide. It’s a step by step guide to follow until your room is complete. Whether it takes you 2 weeks or 6 months, you know the plan is here to guide you.


Our clickable shopping list will lead you to all our favourite suppliers to purchase your items in your own time, as budget permits.


We couldn’t be more proud of our e-design services. Our unique style is loved by and inspires parents from all over the world. Each e-design includes the creativity of  2 interior designers and a graphic designer, which is why we’ve now designed for over 200 happy clients.  There’s lots of children’s interior designers on the market offering perfectly lovely interior design services and we think that’s great. Whichever designer you choose to work with, be sure to ask what’s included in their packages to be sure it offers enough support for your needs! We release only a small number of bookings each month to ensure our high customer services standards are maintained. Packages as just detailed are $650 per room. What are you waiting for? Ready to get started on your little one’s dream space?? Email to book our next available place.

We can’t wait to create a magical room for your child!

The Petite Vintage Team x


Side Tables

January 23, 2015


Redfox & Wilcox

Locally salvaged timber in an array of honeyed tones is shaped and fitted against clean, geometric lines of powder coated metal. Strong and structural, the pieces remain light and lend themselves to fresh, white washed walls and potted plants. Easy living, with a timeless appeal.

Purchase here.


Yellow-wilcox Redfox and Wilcox Products

RAW Sunshine Coast

Every piece tells a story! The Stockholm bedside table (below) utilises timber from the old RNA Showgrounds Showbag Pavilion.

Purchase here.


raw-DSCN0385 raw-Single_VJ_Bench_Seats

H and G Designs

H and G designs, a local business based in Maroochydore offer unique Leather Strap Bedside Hanging Shelves that are available in 4 variations.

Purchase here.

handgdesigns-handgdesigns-logo5 handgdesigns-Logo1 handgdesigns-logo11

Poppet and Button

Hand made timber and concrete stools, tables and oval oversized tables with pastels & metal finishes that will keep your home looking fresh and stylish!

Purchase here.

poppet-and-button-IMG_3829 poppet-and-button-IMG_3820Photo 21-01-2015 10 19 44 pmpoppet-and-button-Photo 21-01-2015 10 20 32 pm

The Timber Trend

The Timber Trend have created a divine range of pastel coloured Hex Tables which can also be custom painted in any colour.

Purchase here.


Smoke & Stone

Keeping with the concrete trend Smoke & Stone handcraft side tables, stools & homewares.

Their bases on both their stools and side tables are metal and customisable when it comes to colour choice.

Purchase here.







Decorating tips with Bel – Decal feature walls

January 16, 2015

How to create a feature wall with decals

I LOVE wallpaper! Like, really adore it. Sometimes I see a room and think ‘Hmm, it’s lovely but the right wallpaper would make it AMAZING!’. Wallpaper brings texture, contrast and interest to a room that you just don’t get with paint alone. But what if you’re renting? And what if it’s just out of your budget?

When we moved into our home just over 2 years ago, the previous owners had applied fresh paint to the entire house, just before we bought it. Can I tell you a secret? When I first saw these taupe/grey walls I didn’t like them AT ALL and begged my husband to let me paint them white, immediately. Over the next few years we plan to either extensively renovate or knock down our existing home and re-build, so my dear husband wants to do as little to it as possible. So here I was, desperate to decorate but stuck with these walls in the girls rooms that I really disliked. I had two options – wallpaper (expensive) or decals. Enter the fabulous Danielle from Urbanwalls with her beautiful decals.

You might remember Holly’s room with her pink and gold spots as below.

When the spot decals arrived from Urbanwalls, my husband, Dean, pulled out the laser level and we set about measuring up Holly’s wall with fastidious precision. The end result was perfectly lined up decals that looked amazing! Thanks Husband! When it came time to apply Asher’s cloud decals, Dean was busy and I was left to tackle the project myself. Freak out completely! I had no idea how to use the laser level, I am terrible at maths and the whole thing just seemed HARD. Then I had an idea. What if I made a template? I’d already measured out my walls and needed to space my decals 40cms apart with a decal placed in the middle at 20cms. If I made a template that was 20cms x 20cms, I could simply move the template around the wall and mark each point with a pencil. EASY PEASY. If you want to do decals in a square, simply rotate your template so it’s straight. I know, right? Life changing. Sometimes I really surprise myself.


And this humble little cardboard template, crudely cut from a nappy box, completely changed the entire project. It went from HARD work to easy and I think it cut the entire time for the wall to less than 1 hour. Don’t get me wrong, there was still some initial measuring but once that was done, this square made the job incredibly simple.

Here’s my top tips to create your own feature wall.

1. I like my decals to come in 10cms from the corner of the wall. Measure the length of your wall and subtract 20cms. When we did Holly’s room, I liked the look of my 4cm spots, 40cms apart, with a spot in the centre at 20cms, so I did the same spacing for the slightly larger clouds.

My cardboard square measures 20cms x 20cms.

Use this formula as an example: Length of wall (300cms) minus indent at each side (20cms) divided by the space between each decal (40cms).  Remember this is just for the TOP ROW OF DECALS.

This wall is 7 decals across the top row. Mark the position of your first decal with a pencil.

Measure down the wall from the first pencil mark, remembering to come in 10cms and use the same formula as above.

Multiply your number of decals down the wall, with the number of decals across the wall, to work out how many you will need for your feature wall. If you want to space your decals further apart or closer together, simply adjust these measurements.

2. You can either mark each point on your template with a pencil dot, or just place your decal onto this position, whatever works best for you. My decals aren’t perfectly in line because I did some of them freehand but you would never really know unless you whipped out a ruler. Remember, the point that you mark is the CENTRE of your decal. You might notice that the clouds are a little closer to the edges of the walls for this reason.

3. Decals look amazing on a beautiful white wall but if you want to recreate the look in some of my rooms, here are 3 Dulux colours that you might like.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.19.29 am Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.19.17 am Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.18.40 am

If all of the above just seems too hard, randomly placed decals are really cool too. I hope this sheds a bit of light onto a VERY commonly asked question. If you loved this post and you’d like to see more like this, please share it with your family and friends or pin it and if there’s anything else you’d like me to de-mystefy, be sure to leave a comment.

Happy Decal-ing!

Bel x



Decorating tips with Bel

January 7, 2015


I love instagram. It’s such an important tool for my business. I like to think of instagram as an ‘everyday, real life pinterest’. Sometimes I look at images on instagram and then look around my own home, wondering where on earth that parent or stylist puts all the ‘stuff”? Where is their pile of washing in their immaculate lounge room, with 3 children running around? Where is the 6 foot Barbie dream house that the grandparents bought for Christmas? Sometimes it’s just out of shot (me!) other times it’s been stored really well.

When I’m considering storage option for my own home or a client, I like to start with an inventory. Do you have an overflow of stuffed toys? Action figures or Lego? Barbies? And how can we display the items that are important to your child without the room being completely overtaken with all those plastic frozen toys? Here’s some solutions that I found work well for my client’s, and for my family. I hope they work for you, too.


1. The Ikea Stuva turned bench seat

I first spotted this idea on Maisydee’s instagram feed and just loved it. Whenever I do an interview, I always talk about ‘double duty storage’ and this is my favourite. On top of the stuva, you can place a seat pad, a couple of cushions or a lambswool throw and underneath you have LOADS of storage that I highly recommend for stuffed toys. Great value too, at just over $100.

Purchase here



Above images via pinterest


2. TheFamily Love Tree – Peacock Cabinet

I use these frequently in my designs (you may have noticed!) and not just because they look great. They are well priced, add colour AND another place to store special items that are easily accessible by little hands. As the fronts of the cabinet are open, I recommend clients add 4 Varpunen sacks (below, purchase here) to conceal the toys inside. This is a great option for toys like Barbies and books or any items that you want to be close to hand, but not on display.

Purchase the cabinet here



 3. The Such Great Heights Children’s clothes rack

I hate to sound like a broken record but the beautiful racks from Such Great heights are the epitome of double duty storage and firmly at the top of my wish list for 2015. My girls have many dress ups that I prefer to store in the cupboard but they have some beautiful bags, backpacks and outfits that look amazing out on display. The key here is to choose items that go with the overall palette of your space. The objective is to add interest, not clutter.

Purchase the rack here

4. Storage Baskets

A few storage baskets to suit your room’s overall look are perfect for keeping some of your child’s favourite things within easy reach. They also make great use of awkward, unused corners of a room. Here are two of my many favourites:

 Pom Pom baskets from Little me, Little you

Sne Design Storage basket from Norsu Interiors 


5. Shadow Boxes.

You’ve probably guessed by now that my philosophy is to conceal what’s not loved or special and make a feature out of what is. With some beautiful shadow boxes on the wall, collections of lego or figurines become a feature of a room. Almost all rooms that I design have special places for these items, with extra room to add as your little person grows. Don’t be afraid to consider having wall storage custom made if you can’t find just what you’re looking for off the shelf (pardon the pun!) Trophy collections and cars all add personality to a room and need to have a special place, even in the most minimalist home.

Shadow box custom made by @topknotdesigns 


The moral of the story is, even if you have a room full of plastic toys, with the right storage solutions you can strike a balance between a space that’s filled with all the items your child loves, and a design aesthetic that suits you as a parent. I believe it’s all the little things in a child’s room that makes it beautiful and warm and personal so don’t be discouraged if your little one’s room doesn’t look like the other perfectly styled spaces you see. If you find yourself at a complete crossroads with your little one, call in the professionals! Happy decorating, Bel x

A Petite Vintage Christmas

November 28, 2014

I’ve said it before but I adore Christmas. Maybe more since having kids. It’s the time of year when the weather is warm (where we live) and everyone seems to slow down just a little bit. I start to think about stocking my bar cart for a few cocktails in the afternoon. We entertain more and spend a lot of time out on the deck watching the girls in the pool or having a catch up with friends. My girls write their lists for Santa (gosh they are long this year!) and of course, I start to plan out how I want to decorate my home.

We bought our forever house almost two years ago in our dream location. Sometime over the next few years we plan to build our dream home on this site and I literally cannot wait. In the meantime, I’m learning to love our old house with all its quirks, its slate floors, archways and exposed brick walls as far as the eye can see. If you’ve followed me for a while you would know that I don’t have one particular decorating ‘style’. I can swing from scandi to vintage and everything in between. The end result is colourful and eclectic, where designer pieces are just as welcome as my children’s artwork and second hand shop pieces. Oh and lots of house plants. House plants are very welcome.

I’ve decked the halls early this year (SHOCK! before December 1st, my grandmother would disapprove!), working with The Woodsfolk and other incredible brands to inspire you to think about your own festive decorating and plans for the Christmas break. Photography by Eliza Addison Photography
308A0777 copy 308A0781 copy

Firmly at the top of my Christmas wish list was this Kubus bowl in Copper from Designstuff. Filled with cherries (which are in abundance in my house at this time of year, as well as chocolate) it makes a gorgeous centrepiece for any festive table. Metallics and wire continue to be massive trends for Spring/Summer so if you haven’t gotten on board yet, Christmas is the perfect opportunity. I’ve decorated with copper, silver AND gold this year.

308A0788 copy

Christmas decorating to me doesn’t always have to be holly and wreaths and bows. An industrial style basket from The Woodsfolk with a few large baubles is simple but effective.

308A0793 copy

We all have to have a Christmas stocking and this year we’ve chosen these felt beauties from The Woodsfolk paired with their mistletoe wire hanger to hang them as we don’t have a mantle. Two pink one’s for the girls and two grey for the husband and I. Christmas stockings are perfect for holding those smaller gifts, like diamond earrings. Just putting it out there Santa.

308A0799 copy

When it comes to ornaments for the tree, I don’t go too crazy. I prefer a less is more approach. Mixing some special ornaments like these deer and geometric shapes from The Woodsfolk back with some plain baubles was enough for me this year as we chose a tree with a bit of sparkle of it’s own. It didn’t take many ornaments to make the tree feel fully decorated. And this way, there’s less for the kids to pull down.

308A0800 copy308A0803 copy

Our fawn from The Woodsfolk would have to be my favourite addition this Christmas. The girls have tried to pat, feed and ride him and he’s been very patient! I just think he’s the cutest thing.

308A0806 copy

Santa sacks have become a bit of a tradition in our house and this year my pick are these goodies from Cabin Co. made from incredible thick cotton, I just adore their stylish unfussiness (is that a word?) and great for all those items you don’t want to wrap. Last year, we gave our girls a sack each on Christmas eve with pyjamas, a few Christmas books and a DVD that we all watched together. Overnight Santa crept back in and filled the sacks with gifts. We’ll be doing the same this year.

308A0813 copy

Being great friends with the team from Fromage La Rue certainly has its perks when it comes to lighting around Christmas and I just HAD TO HAVE an enormous star. At night, with just the star and the twinkling lights from the tree, it’s magical.

308A0815 copy

A special mention has to go to the copper string lights from The Woodsfolk. I could really take or leave traditional tree lights but these are incredible. They give off a warm glow and best of all, I’ll be putting them to use all year round.

308A0816 copy

Our Christmas set up. Including my new pot and plant stand from Designstuff. If you haven’t gotten lost in the Designstuff store, do yourself a favour and go now.

308A0821 copy 308A0826 copy

Star Garland from Sage and Clare. Alpaca’s from The Woodsfolk.

308A0829 copy

Speaking of Christmas traditions, do your little ones (or even yourself?) wear a special Christmas day outfit? This year, my girls will be wearing these stunning Ruby dresses from Lacey Lane. I discovered this incredible brand when I first started Petite Vintage and photographed Holly’s room and they are my go to choice for very special outfits for my girls. How incredible are the backs of these dresses? And that deep red is just perfection. Lacey Lane has an incredible range of accessories to complete the look. Hair bows, head wraps, suspenders, sunglasses, just gorgeous.

308A0831 copy 308A0835 copy 308A0859 copy 308A0860 copy 308A0861 copy

Outside the house, I’m keeping things simple with this felt ball wreath from The Woodsfolk at the front door.

308A0875 copy

Out on the deck, I’ve chosen to use festoon lights from Norsu interiors instead of Christmas lights. I can’t wait to entertain out here this year. Give me a balmy evening and a glass of bubbly and I’m there.

308A0909 copy 308A0910 copy 308A0913 copy

The girls rooms don’t escape a few festive touches!

308A0918 copy

I wanted to share this shot of my potted faux Christmas tree. I’ve had lots of enquiries on Instagram about how I did this. In a nutshell, the pointy part of the tree that usually sits inside the base is poking into the hole at the bottom of the pot. For stability, sand bags or rocks to fill the pot would be perfect. Our tree is beside a door so I’ve taken the extra step of tying it to the wall. So much nicer than a tree stand and not as much work as a real tree. I purchased my pot from Masters.


The girls can’t have all the fun with new dresses and I’m sure this sea & me maxi dress will be getting a work out through the party season. I’m wearing mine with a cape for extra swishy-ness. I hope you’re feeling inspired by all the decorating ideas in this post. Wishing you all a very very Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Bel x

  1. Kubus bowl
  2. Leather handled basket
  3. Mistletoe sign
  4. Christmas stocking pom pom
  5. Fawn decoration
  6. Geo decoration
  7. Life size fawn
  8. Santa Sacks
  9. Vegas Boneyard Star Marquee Light
  10. Copper string lights
  11. Indie fabric star garland from Sage and Clare
  12. Alpaca white and brown
  13. Lacey Lane Ruby Dress
  14. Christmas wreath large
  15. Norsu Bella Vista String Lighting
  16. Maxi Dress
  17. Doormat Watermelon

Paint my own room – A new tool from Taubmans (sponsored)

November 25, 2014

Technology! Don’t you just love it? As an interior designer I have lots of tools at my disposal to create mood boards to help me visualise and plan out what a room will look like when it’s finished. A lot of clients come to me lacking the confidence to make bold decisions when choosing colours for their home and of course, I’m happy to help them.  It’s amazing that according to research, 70% of the nation paint their walls white out of fear of getting their colour wrong! How great would it be to have some tools at your own fingertips to confidently experiment with colour in your own home?

Enter Taubmans’ new ‘Paint Your Own Room’ tool. You can upload images of your own home and apply over 5500 paint colours to your walls, all with a few clicks of your mouse.  Amazing right? I took it for a spin on a room you might recognize from my portfolio and was suitably impressed.

Ava’s room is gorgeous with its crisp white walls but imagine the impact an amazing pastel wall could make? Don’t just stop at a feature wall though, the right colour can be perfect for all walls! To test this amazing tool out for yourself, head to and choose ‘Paint Your Own Room’. Then, upload your image from your phone or computer.  From there, mark out your walls with the super easy tools provided.  Once your room is all mapped out, there’s over 5500 colours to choose from.

I could be here for a while…


I do love a lilac wall! But maybe pastel pink is more your taste?


Or mint?


Fun right? I could keep going for hours. This tool is so easy to use. You can also save your images for later and order sample paint pots too. Decorating couldn’t get much easier than that.

Taubmans Colour Creative Director and all round interior design extraordinaire, Shaynna Blaze, has put together her 10 Commandments of Colour to help home decorators confidently choose a colour scheme to suit their own homes. I think you’ll agree the following examples really speak for themselves when it comes to the impact that wall colour can have on a space.

Shaynna’s 10 Commandments of Colour

1. When picking your colour scheme get the proportions correct.
The 60-30-10 rule is tried and true in interiors. Divide your room into 60% of a dominant colour, 30% of a secondary colour and 10% of an accent colour. You’ll capture your overall theme with the 60% hue, provide visual interest with the 30% colour and your 10% shade, much like jewellery, provides a little sparkle and pop.

Commandment 1 - Correct Proportions

2. Embrace the emotion of colour in your home.
Before you choose a colour for your room, understand the emotional connection that you or your family have to certain hues. Some people might consider green a fun, energetic colour while others could associate it with negative connotations, like greed or envy. Colour is a personal medium so understanding what moods certain hues evoke in you will help narrow your colour choices.

Commandment 2 - Embrace Emotion1
Commandment 2 - Embrace Emotion2

3. For a visually striking room, choose complementary colours.
Complementary colours are colours that are directly opposite from one another on the colour wheel, such as red and green, or blue and orange. Creating a palette using these complementary colours will create a formal and visually impactful room as the colours pop against each other. Try a complementary colour scheme first in a living room or dining room to get used to the vibrant effect.

Commandment 3 - Complementary Colours

4. For a casual feel, choose analogous colours.
Analogous colours are situated next to each other on colour wheel such as blue and violet, or yellow and green. These are a great option for those seeking a not-so-daring interior design. A palette of analogous colours creates a restful and muted feel that is well suited for bedrooms, as it inspires rest and recovery.

Commandment 4 - Analogous Colours

5. Embrace bright colours to create the illusion of space.
It’s a common misconception that using white is the only way to make a room look bigger. However, bright and vibrant colours can instantly add a feeling of space in your home if used correctly. To get this look right, it’s important to mirror the colour of your walls in your flooring. This doesn’t mean painting your floor fuchsia, but a rug in a similar tone will do the job well. This makes the room feel like one, big open space.

Commandment 5 - Embrace Bright Colours

6. Manipulate space with the right colour combinations.
When you’re painting a space there are many tricks you can play on the eye by simply using the right colours. The rule to remember is that cool colours appear to recede, whereas warm colours seem to come towards you. So to make a space seem bigger, use a cool colour on the walls, but to make a large room seem cosier, use warm colours.

Commandment 6 - Manipulate space with colour2
Commandment 6 - Manipulate space with colour1

7. Add sophistication to a playful colour palette using black.
To use bright colours in your home, without creating a childish feeling interior, add a few elements of black around the room. A lampshade, coffee table or a picture frame, for example. This will clarify and enhance all the colours in the room, to lend a sophisticated edge.

Commandment 7 - Add sophistication

8. Warm up or cool down your home with colour
Deep and rich autumnal tones like reds, oranges and yellows traditionally create a feeling of warmth and welcoming. For a modern twist, be bold and select an intense shade of indigo to create the same feel – the hint of red in indigo actually makes it a warm blue! Use cooler colour schemes like greens, blues and grey-based pastels to create a fresher, cleaner colour palette. White and blue is a popular choice for beachside homes as it creates a bright and breezy feel, but you can warm up this cool palette and soften the sharp contrasts with natural timbers, like oak or pine.

Commandment 8 - Warm up or Cool Down2
Commandment 8 - Warm up or Cool Down1

9. A neutral palette can still be impactful.
It’s a misconception that a neutral colour scheme is boring or unadventurous. However the key to creating interest is to remember that neutrals don’t have to be just beige, tan or white. Consider warm golds, rich camel browns or shades of grey paired with black and chocolate brown to put a fun twist on everyday neutrals.

Commandment 9 - Neutral Palette

10. Use colours from your past as inspiration.
Inspiration can be found from all around you but the most impactful choices can be colours from childhood that remind you of fond memories. Translating a colour from happy memory to your interiors will create a positive atmosphere in your room.

Commandment 10 - Past Inspiration

So what are you waiting for?  Head to and be warned, this is highly addictive if you’re a colour enthusiast! Don’t forget to share your coloured rooms on social media too using #colourmyroom You can also follow Taubmans on Instagram @Taubmans and like Taubmans on Facebook.

My Christmas Wishlist

November 22, 2014

I adore this time of year! The weather is warm and the prospect of a little bit of time off looms. We’ve had a huge year with Petite Vintage but personally, I’ve never felt more in need of a holiday. Day to day, I chat to other business owners and we all seem to be feeling a bit the same. Tired.

We make Christmas a pretty big event in our house! We all have very long lists for Santa, except for my husband. He wants the same thing every year. A block of surf board wax and with that, lots of time in the ocean. This year as a family, we’re also making an effort to give back to the community. Holly and Asher (particularly Holly) are old enough to semi-grasp the concept of giving. So we’re choosing some toys to donate to charity and also sponsoring a family through the Salvation Army. You can read more about this here.

With the rest of the family looked after for Christmas, I start to think about all those things I’ve been lusting after for the year, to add to my own wish list. Our lounge room is definitely in need of some decorating attention at the moment and I’m also crushing on some decorative pieces for around the house.  Santa, if you’re reading this, I do hope you’re feeling extra generous this year!

Just kidding, it’s always the thought that counts.



Menu Bottle Grinders –

BY LASSEN Kubus Bowl in Copper –

Clock - 

Necklace – (silver only)

Round Towel – 

Mirror -

Spot and Tutti cushions –

Lucky Cushion –

Plant stand –

Pot –

Side table –


Hugh’s Room Tour

November 10, 2014

I don’t like to play favourite’s with my client’s but I was jumping for joy when Hugh’s mum Rosemary invited me back to design another room for her beautiful family. They live in an amazing renovated Queenslander in Brisbane. When I first visited their home, I remember repeating over in my head ‘Be professional, don’t gush, oh my god, look at that incredible artwork, oh my god, look at that couch, don’t gush, be professional!’.

A few months later, we created this beautiful space for Rosemary’s two daughters, Freya and Sybilla. You might have seen the room recently included in House and Garden Magazine’s top 50 rooms of the year for 2014 (thank you very much!).


To be asked back when Hugh decided that he wanted a new room was very exciting. Rosemary was very trusting and so easy going. I think you’ll agree, the room we put together for eight year old Hugh, is the perfect blend of modern and industrial and functional enough to take him well into his teen years. Everything you see here was carefully chosen to reflect Hugh’s interests and to complement the design aesthetic of the rest of the home. Even the subtleties like painting the same feature wall colour in both spaces, ties the rooms together.

Boysroom-Greenslopes09 (1)

The wall space on either side of the door was quite narrow but I wanted to take advantage of the ceiling height. When I stumbled across a pipe desk on Restoration Hardware, I knew it was the perfect solution for this otherwise unusable space. The original desk was unavailable in Australia, so I asked Raw Sunshine Coast to make one for me that was similar, to fit this space.



Hugh and his family love to travel. The existing wall mural is used to mark off all the exciting places they visit. The picture beside it is of Hugh on a recent family trip that we had blow up and framed. It’s all the personal touches in this room that I really love.





Boysroom-Greenslopes69 (1)




Boysroom-Greenslopes02Thank you for coming on a tour of Hugh’s room! Thank you to Vellum Studio’s for the incredible photography (as usual!), to my incredible suppliers, my trusty offsider, Damo and to my wonderful client Rosemary for trusting me with your beautiful home.

Be sure to check out our services page to see how we can create a unique and magical space in your home or call Bel on 0418 983 442. Email


Changes to our e-design services

September 19, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.07.49 am

The children’s homewares and design industry is positively booming at the moment! New designers are popping up everywhere which is having an amazing effect on the industry! I love that there is so much demand from parents seeking design services and advice on creating special spaces for their little ones. It also offers design conscious parents lots of choice when it comes to engaging a children’s interior specialist to work with.

I’ve worked very hard, particularly in the last 6 months, to position Petite Vintage at the forefront of this buzzing little industry. With increased demand for our services interstate and internationally, I’m always seeking better ways of interacting with our clients, faster turnaround times and better overall service. With this in mind, I’ve recently welcomed another interior designer to my team, with a focus on the back end part of my e-design services and to keep my role purely concept and design focused. Together, we are so excited to include 3D floor plans in our e-design services for all new clients. 3D modelling shows you exactly what your room is going to look like before a single item is purchased and supports our clients in addition to phone, Skype and email to confidently bring their rooms to life. It’s not new technology but we’re embracing this tool as a way to further extend our client service, particularly the ones we can’t work with in person.

This client is based in Canada! Here is the design board we created for her, using lots of gorgeous local products that would be easy for her to source and some Australia products too. This is the part of the design that you would usually see me share on social media.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 6.56.54 am

After we have agreed on a concept, we set to creating our 3D floor plans. This is what you don’t usually see.

First we start with a 2D floor plan, birds eye view, based on measurements our client provides us at the consultation stage. The room is coloured, floor boards and paint included, to see how the whole design works. This is perfect for clients who really need a ‘visual’ to understand where a concept is going.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.07.49 am

Then we build our room in 3D. It’s beyond incredible to watch a design board come to life.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.47.41 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.47.22 pm

These pages are taken directly from the pack we have put together for our client. She is so thrilled with the result and confident to bring it all together, even being thousands of miles away from me! I will also support her via email, phone or Skype until her room is complete as part of her package.

In addition to these new floor plans, our clients receive exclusive access to our supplier list to purchase items from their designs, or others, at a reduced price (where applicable, we don’t restrict the products we use just to our suppliers). Some designers charge a lower consultation fee but keep a percentage of products sales. Not us.

In making these improvements, our pricing has increased for e-design consults. There are literally dozens of designers to choose from these days, who all do a lovely job at a lower price. Be sure to ask what’s included in your design package before you engage a designer, then allow me to design a room that’s completely unique to your little one, the Petite Vintage way. You can see some of my previous rooms here and read more about my services, including in home consultations, here.

I am wait listing clients from February 2015 and I would love to discuss your needs. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Please email or call 0418 983 442to book, or if you have any questions.

Asher’s Room Tour

April 7, 2014


The beauty of having two children of one gender is the ability to pass down clothes and toys from one child to the next. Am I right? From my eldest daughter Holly’s perspective, having a younger sister means a constant audience and someone to dress up with, dance with and play fairies with. For me, it’s getting to create another completely pastel and girly space.

We moved house just over a year ago and I immediately set about designing Holly’s room (which I’m sure you’ve now seen about a million times, but if not, here it is again).

And the little lady Asher herself, back when we shot Holly’s room.


Asher today at 20 months.


Asher’s nursery was fairly bare but functional and practical.  I knew that before too long I would be creating her big girls room so didn’t worry too much about setting up her nursery. Late last year, after the craziness of Holly’s room subsided, I made a start on planning Asher’s room.

RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_41 One of the most popular features of Holly’s room was the spotty wall decals and painted wall. You might find it funny to know that I actually really disliked the wall colour when we fist moved in and wanted it changed immediately! Yet, it’s still one of the most asked about features of the room! We have plans to renovate our 25 year old home in future so my husband insisted they stay as is.  The Urbanwalls cloud decals in the 3 inch size work perfectly to offset the taupe/grey colour and suddenly, I’m loving the wall colour.


When selecting a bed, I once again approached the lovely Kristy from Incy Interiors, intending to purchase the Mia bed that I’d bought for Holly. She told me she was planning something special and gave me a sneak peek of the new Spindle range. I was instantly smitten and when Kristy told me I could have it spray painted in the colour of my choice, I really could have passed out from excitement. For months client’s had been asking me for mint beds and of course I had to have it painted in mint. Dulux Chloride to be exact.  You can see more of the amazing Penny bed and the spindle range here.




Asher’s room is small with a large window and double sliding mirror doors (with gorgeous gold trim and a dusty old ceiling fan) so when planning the room, space was always going to be a premium. Most of Asher’s clothes and toys are tucked away in her wardrobe but both of my girls seem to have an enormous number of stuffed toys. I must admit, I don’t love having them on display so when I saw some clever mum’s on instagram creating bench seats from Ikea Stuva storage units, I knew this is what I wanted to do.



The result works in two ways – hiding all those stuffed toys (this thing fits a lot) and providing another area for the girls to sit and play. I created the giant cloud cushion out of some cheap white drill fabric  that I hand stamped with half a potato and some regular acrylic paint. Then, I drew a cloud shape by hand, sewed around the edges and stuffed full of hobby fill. The gorgeous face cushion is from my lovely friends at designstuff.  Next to the bench is an amazing Varpunen sack from Talo Interiors which holds some extra pillows and Asher’s Dudley co ride on, a precious gift from Auntie Sim!



There are certain suppliers that I use A LOT in my designs and the most frequent would have to be The Family Love tree. I started Petite Vintage Interiors from my love of refinishing beautiful vintage cane furniture in bright colours. When my design business really took off and I wasn’t able to paint or thrift anymore, The FLT’s range was my answer to all the bright and beautiful one off pieces that I used to find for my clients. It might sound weird to say that I fell for a piece of furniture but when I saw the mint flower shaped love chair, it really was love at first sight (or sit).  I knew I had to incorporate it into the space and from a practicality perspective, it’s big enough to fit both girls and myself!



The beautiful cushions on the chair are from Leo & Bella and Little Village Handmade.

RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_22An amazing dream catcher from Maisydee hangs above the chair and Asher’s little trinkets fill the house shaped shadow boxes from Room and Bloom.  I absolutely adore Asher’s La de dah Kids unicorn that we purchased from Finn and Dash Toys.  The felt ball garland was made especially for us by the lovely Felt Foxes and the colours are just perfect for this space.


The geometric drawer decals idea came about when I was hand painting another chest of drawers and it was taking FOREVER! It was also expensive buying all the little pots of different coloured paints! There had to be an easier way. I was so excited when Urbanwalls agreed to my crazy idea and I love how the drawers  turned out. I used a tester pot of paint and a roller to paint either side of my Ikea rast chest of drawers and handles. I can’t wait to release the decal packs at the end of the month, for you to create these drawers at home yourself. There’s a boy colourway in the works too.


RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_52 On top of drawers sits an old Tiffany and Co box that we have filled with all of Asher’s special memory items and a Lucky Boy Sunday Beauty Baby that we purchased from Leo and Bella. Poor beauty baby really needs to be held to be appreciated. Some people find her a bit scary, we think she’s completely charming!


The print above the drawers is the Harvest Lemon print by Darling Clementine. Something else I just fell in love with and had to have.
Instead of a traditional bedside table, I wanted to create something a bit different for Asher, who at 20 months loves nothing more than pushing Holly’s bunny lamp off her table.  The largest house shelf in the set of three was an ideal size and holds her ice cream night light from Leo and Bella perfectly.  At night we lay in bed and choose a story from Asher’s down to the woods wire basket.

RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_12 I couldn’t go past the Armadillo & Co Daisy rug for this space. It’s hard wearing but soft and just the right size for a little person to sit on.





Above Asher’s bed is simply the most incredible cloud light fromFromage La Rue.  There are so many things I adore about this light but the fact that it dims, makes it completely amazing. It’s as bright as we need it to be for reading but dims right down for settling. Asher’s collection of Sonny Angels and Omm design nesting dolls from Amelie and Violet are proudly on display. Frankly, if they’re not on this shelf , they are headless around the house.  I can’t forget the Lovestar watermelon vase.




On the walls above Asher’s bed are two very special artworks. The double love heart print by Laura Blythman and a beautiful heart print from my new friend at The Chic Element.  A twig creative wooden camera from design stuff hangs on the end of Asher’s bed.



The bed is proudly made up with the end result of my collaboration with the ever amazing and ridiculous talent that is Laura Blythman. Our Australian made, hotel quality 100% cotton bedlinen  completely reversible, totally adorable and yet to be named.  We’ll be releasing the linen for pre-order within the next few weeks.  Its styled with the gold sprinkle pillowcase from Feliz and the Colette Bream ice cream cushion is from Amelie and Violet.




Holly and Asher are wearing outfits from gorgeous oobi baby and kids and Pyjama’s from G.Nancy. I can’t recommend them highly enough – the girls didn’t want to take either outfit off!




RoomShoot_Vellum_Studios_64 Lastly, if you’re in Brisbane and surrounds and need an a photographer, Vellum Studios never fail to disappoint. I feel so privileged to work with them. Steve is a true master.


For design, styling and media enquiries, please email Thank you for coming on a tour of Asher’s room and I hope you’re inspired to create a beautiful space for your little person.










Ariana’s Room

March 24, 2014


There’s not much I can say to introduce this room so I will let the space and it’s gorgeous little occupant do the talking for me. Enjoy!


















For design enquiries, please email Photography by the super talented Darren Seiler.

Cosi’s Room Tour

March 17, 2014

Almost a year ago, a lovely client asked me to design her daughter’s room. I had only just started Petite Vintage and was so thrilled to have my third client! Here we are now with two completed rooms for two of cutest little people I have ever seen. First up, her son Cosi’s room.

140314.0084 copy










Handsome man!






And here’s a sneaky peek of big sister Arianna’s room… coming soon.


A huge thank you to Darren Seiler for these amazing images. Another big thank you to my client, who I now call a friend, for her superb styling. For design enquiries, please email


Ava’s Room

March 11, 2014

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting gorgeous Ava, her Mum and brand new baby sister in their amazing home in Brisbane.

Ava’s Mum’s dilemma was that her new little girl was growing fast but Ava was not at all keen to move out of her cot into her new big bed. So, we set about designing a space that would hopefully encourage Ava to relinquish her precious cot. I am very happy to report that Ava was thrilled with her new bedroom, but will she sleep in there?

Thank you to Jody O Photography for these amazing images.

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-4

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-2

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-7

Yes, we applied all of those decals by hand on the day! Once we measured everything out, it was a pretty quick process to stick them all on. Great for renters!

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-5

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-15

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-16

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-13

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-12

Petite Vintage Interiors - Hendra-11-1

Green Lullaby Giveaway!

March 9, 2014

Last week, my daughters were spoilt by the lovely team at Green Lullaby with their very own eco friendly dolls cradle. Unsure of what it was for, Asher jumped straight in, thinking it was some kind of ride on toy! Asher at 19 months is almost into a size 3 and I was very unsure as to what damage she was going to do but to my surprise, it handled her tough treatment! As well as being kind on the environment, it’s a stylish addition to any child’s space and reasonably priced to boot at just $34.95.

Green Lullaby room_twins

Green Lullaby have generously offered 2 cradles to giveaway to two lucky Petite Vintage Interiors likers AND free shipping on their cradles using the code ‘PETITEVINTAGEBEL’

If you just have to have one, pop over and purchase with the code above for free shipping.

Doll cradle1_with doll_deepetch

To be in the running to win one of two cradles, follow these simple instructions!

1. Like Green Lullaby on Facebook or follow on Instagram (or both!).
2. Comment below with your name

Entries close: Sunday 16th March and the winner will be notified via email.

Do your eyes a favour and click here to view the full Green Lullaby range. You won’t be disappointed! and GOOD LUCK!

Freya and Sybilla’s Room Tour

February 24, 2014


Last year I was contacted by Freya and Sybilla’s mum who asked me to design a shared space for her daughters. They live in a beautiful renovated home and worked with an interior designer for the rest of the house, however wanted to engage a specialist children’s designer for this project. The space was small and narrow but lucky for me, my client was open to ideas. After leaving their home that day, I wracked my brains as what I was going to do to take advantage of those incredible high ceilings. Then this design was born!


And I think you’ll agree, the real thing looks even better than the design board. While some products didn’t make the cut in the end, the room came together and completely exceeded my client’s expectations.

GreenslopesRoom07 copy


Above their beds, each girl has a special place for all of her treasures and let’s not forget, an amazing letter light. As they grow I would imagine the shelves will be a special place for trophy’s and much loved toys.



Between the beds we included this incredible peacock cabinet.


Adding some lucky boy sunday cushions broke up the vintage floral design of the bedding and gave the room a modern edge. We still wanted the colour palette to be soft and sweet.


Some gorgeous vintage toys from Finn and Dash Toys added some interest to the room. The girls have a special corner to read now and this small child size chair fills this unused space perfectly. The pure linen curtains add texture and catch the breeze.



Little cloud ornaments from Finn and Dash toys with white wooden bunnies.


Freya’s first pair of baby shoes have been mounted onto a block of wood that was covered in fabric. I adore this idea, such a beautiful keepsake for a little girl.


The linen we used is made a of a light weight reversible jersey cotton and which is paired with sheets from Country Road. We painted the feature wall in Dulux Grainger and scattered small mint wall decals from Urbanwalls across the space to add a bit more colour.




I painted the inside of the middle house shelf in Dulux Creamy Melon.

On the opposite side of the room we created a reading nook and added some prints above the existing Oeuf bookshelf. The girls love to read and have an extensive collection of books!


We selected bright graphic posters for the room which kept things looking modern while keeping in touch with our soft colour scheme. A garland of pom poms brightens up the reading space.







We selected a gorgeous geometric felt ball rug in our soft colour scheme and it looks perfect with the wooden floor boards.


Freya and Sybilla have a gorgeous play area just off their room.


The toys we chose to finish off the space are a nod to the vintage/eclectic feel we hoped to achieve for the room.



I absolutely adored designing and installing this room and was so lucky to work with a client who was open to my ideas. Here is what she had to say about her experience working with Petite Vintage Interiors:

I can’t thank Bel enough for the beautiful room she created for my two daughters. She worked with a small space to create such a homely, colourful, eclectic, and original room. I was certainly expecting it to be really nice, but wasn’t prepared for how blown away I was with the result! It is gorgeous with a capital G! Bel was so lovely to deal with. She has a great eye for design, and was always so friendly and efficient. We were in constant communication while she ensured that I was happy with all of the selections.  I am very glad I discovered Petite Vintage Interiors. It was a pleasure to work with Bel from start to finish.

Thank you for coming along on a tour of Freya and Sybilla’s room. For design enquiries, please email Photography provided by the amazingly talented Vellum Studios. If you are Brisbane or surrounds based and require photography, you NEED to get in touch with Deb and Steve.

Max and Willow’s room

February 5, 2014

A Brother/Sister shared space

I was recently asked to design a room for a little boy Max, who’s little sister was on the way. Max’s super stylish mum had already purchased some incredible wall prints and wanted some advice on bringing the whole space together. It can be hard to strike a balance with decor in a boy/girl shared space, not too feminine, not too masculine. I think you’ll agree that the end result in the images below, is the perfect mix with the separate zones being equally gorgeous.

This gorgeous room is still a work in progress, with a rug and further decorations to come for Willow’s side of the room. I couldn’t help but share the progress so far. Credit goes to my talented clients who really took my ideas as inspiration only and brought the space together in their own way, which for me is exactly what my design services are all about.

Maxs room (1)

The gorgeous side tables which my clients painted themselves – perfection!

Maxs room (2)

Maxs room (3)

Here is the gorgeous Willow’s side of the room with her beautiful peach side table.

Willows room (1)

I have major artwork envy. This print has to be one of my all time favourites and sold out in about 3 minutes. My client is putting up a beautiful tassel garland in this space and I’ll be sure to share the updated pictures with you.

Willows room (2)

The watercolour sheets are an amazing feature of this space.

Willows room (3)

For room design enquiries, please email or call 0418 983 442.

George Loves Toast Giveaway!

January 28, 2014


This little guy is just all kinds of gorgeous. Thanks to George Loves Toast, designers of incredible decals, we have one geo jelly fish decal to giveaway valued at $69.95 (including postage in Australia).  At just over 1 metre tall, he’d be at home in any little one’s room and SUCH a standout feature.

To enter, simply like the George Loves Toast facebook page here
Then comment below with where you would put this guy in your home! Entries close Midnight, Tuesday 4th February 2014.
The George Loves Toast ladies will choose the winner, who will be notified via email. Good Luck!


November 17, 2013

A gorgeous handmade cloud mobile/wall hanging from Little Cloud


Little Cloud make simply the most divine hand made goodies. When they approached us recently to give away one of their beautiful products to one of our lovely likers, it was a big YES from me. This cloud is just an example of some of the gorgeous products that owner Claire makes. You can find their Etsy store here.
To be in the running to win one of these hand made lovelies, simply follow these easy steps!

1. Like Little Cloud on Facebook here

2. Leave a comment below

3. Share via social media for an extra entry (if you like, not mandatory and don’t forget to comment ‘shared’ if you do)

A winner will be drawn at random Monday 25/11/13. Entries are open to everyone! Worldwide!


November 3, 2013


Thanks to Amelie and Violet and Urbanwalls, we have a Pirum Parum poster and 80 spot wall decals, in your chosen colour, to giveaway!

Enter in 3 simple steps:

1. Be a liker of Petite Vintage Interiors on Facebook
2. Comment below with your name and decal colour choice (max 2 colours)
3. Share with your friends for a bonus entry – not mandatory but if you do, don’t forget to comment ‘shared’ below!

The lucky winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on Sunday 10/11/13 after 8pm. GOOD LUCK!

Competition open to Australia/NZ residents only.

Diary of an E-Design

October 28, 2013


Diary of an E-design – A behind the scenes insight

It’s no secret that I love designing rooms and I hope that you can feel the love and time that goes into choosing precisely the right items for each design. Lately, I’ve had a lot of questions about my processes, how long it takes me to design a room and what’s involved in a typical e-design, from my perspective. I’d love to share with you a typical day in the life of an E-design.

From the minute a client engages my services I begin the process of searching for items to suit their needs. I spend literally hours on the internet, reading blogs, trying to decipher international websites (that don’t translate to English!) emailing overseas suppliers for shipping costs and searching pinterest for inspiration. I won’t lie to you, it’s a lovely way to spend a day, immersing myself in beautiful things and feeling that pang of excitement when I stumble across something new to me, that I just know my client will love.

I love to keep my clients involved through the entire design process and therefore spend a lot of time sending and replying to emails – I often have a full inbox, if you ever try to email me and this happens I apologise! Ascertaining my clients exact tastes from a questionnaire is challenging, so I like to send them a few items before I start their first draft design. Do you prefer this cushion or that rug? Sometimes we call this part of the design process the ‘love it or hate it game’ and I’ve been told by many client that this is their favourite part of the design process – other than seeing their first draft!

There are 3 beautiful handmade resources that I love to search – Down that little lane, etsy and Made it – where I find a lot of my handmade decorator pieces, cushions and wall prints. Sometimes, it can take hours to source just that right piece to finish a room design. I spend most of my time looking for cushions as someone wise once said, cushions are the jewellery of your home. Just like a beautiful necklace can complete an outfit, the perfect cushion can really bring a room together.

When a client receives their first draft design, we liaise in depth to ascertain any changes they might want to make. Perhaps they might want to consider a different wallpaper or rug option? The beauty of e-design is being able to view your room concept in a virtual setting before investing in your items. Lets face it, decorating a full room is expensive enough without making costly mistakes, purchasing the wrong pieces. Most clients will have 2-3 drafts of a room design, but it’s not uncommon to have up to six changes to a design. I like to ensure my clients are absolutely in love with their designs., so this is part in parcel of my e-design services.

Once a client is happy with everything we have chosen together, I go about putting together the corresponding documentation (floor plan, styling notes and shopping list) to go with their design so they can start to make the e-design a reality. But my involvement doesn’t stop here, with email contact likely to continue all the way up to when the room is completed.


As you have probably gathered by now, e-designs are an involved process where literally hours goes into making sure that the image that my client has in their mind is realized on paper (or computer screen!). I hope that I’ve given you some insight into the background of Petite Vintage Interiors. If you’ve been thinking about having a room designed but weren’t sure about the details, maybe you feel a bit more sure of our processes or maybe you’ve just been curious as to how all of these designs have come about. Perhaps you’ve walked past me in the street and wondered why I have bags under my eyes!

The truth is though, I wouldn’t have it any other way… To be able to do what I love everyday is worth it.

Due to the hours poured into each client, a price increase is inevitable and needed for us to continue to service our clients to the same standard and devote as much time to each project.

As of January 2014 we will have a price increase across all of our design services. Increases are as follows:

Hunt and Gather service from $40 to $60
Petite Update package from $99 to $149
Petite Style E-design Package from $249 to $349
Petite Personal Package (in home) from $499 to $649

If you’d like to take advantage of our current pricing before the increase, we have just 5 packages left to purchase at 2013 prices. You can make a purchase via our website for project start dates in the first half of 2014. Booking spaces are limited. We do offer discounts for multiple rooms. Please contact to discuss. Existing clients wishing to purchase additional packages before the increase are encouraged to get in touch too.

Much love ☺
Bel x

DIY Wall Art

October 22, 2013

Creating a fabric hoop wall feature

Embroidery hoops are a fun and unique way to display your favourite fabric prints on the wall and it’s so easy! Choose a mix of different sized embroidery hoops to make an impact like the image featured on Spoonflower above.

Or if you are a little arty, then you can add illustrations, embroidery, buttons, you name it. See these beautiful and quirky examples below from Etsy seller MicaPeet.

Embroidery hoops start from as a little as a few dollars and all that’s needed is some scraps of your favourite fabrics and a little glue, instant feature!

(Image via Pinterest)

So here’s how you do it:

1. Unscrew your embroidery hoop.

2. Place the fabric over the small hoop and then close the larger hoop over the top of both and screw the hoop shut.

3. Carefully use scissors to trim any excess fabric and if the fabric is slippery, use some PVC glue to make it stick.

4. Use ribbon, string, rope, whatever works with your decor to hang the hoops at various levels and heights.

5. That’s it!

Here’s some beautiful fabrics from Spoonflower to get you started…

For the girls..

For the boys..

Currently coveting

October 20, 2013

Pretty little pillowcases

These pretty little pillow cases are a quick way to freshen up the look of your kiddos room for a small investment. Here are a few of my favourites to rest their weary heads.

As we all know, little ones go through a range of emotions, so why not let them show how they feel? The Happy/Sad pillow case range from Fine Little Day are so adorable, it will be hard to ignore these sleepy, yet cute expressions.

This bright and spotty number from Castle and Things has the right mix of colour and shape for a frightfully simple and fresh update to a kid’s bed.

The vintage floral nature of these Lazybones pillowcases in Camellia is just divine and is the perfect touch to a more traditional girl’s room.

This  Battles Rainbow pillowcase set by Mike Mills  is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Love the almost childlike painting style of the design too.

Did you love fairy bread as much as me when you were a kid? With it’s colourful sprinkles and sweet tasty goodness, Make Me Iconic’s Treat pillowcase brings back all the good memories.


Happy/sad pillowcase – Fine Little Day

12 spot pillowcase – Castle and Things

Camellia pillowcase – Lazybones

Battles rainbow pillowcase set – Remedy

Treat pillowcase – Make Me Iconic